Apr 17, 2014

A big thanks to everyone who came out and made this an amazing tour. Just to be extra clear, MSI are not breaking up. This is a hiatus from touring. We have taken time off from the road before, we just happened to tell you about it in advance this time. In the meantime, you can sign up and add your photos and videos from tour right here.

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  1. Memphis-Ahn

    Good! Cause nothing compares to seeing MSI live. I’ve been a fan for years, and it keeps getting better and better. MSI fo life. Thanks for having me in your video too btw! 😛

  2. Red Lover

    Like!Like!Like! So beautiful))
    P.S. Hello! from Russia =)

  3. Mr_ToM

    Good 2 know, when y’all get back together for the love of (insert Deity here) do another UK tour p.s play Newcastle again it’s been 2 damn long

  4. fuckbudday

    Dafuq happened to MSI fans expressing their love through brutal, over-the-line berating?! Fuck you MSI. <3
    – Fuckin Tornado