Jan 23, 2014


Welcome to the new site! We are running a contest for a signed MSI poster & comic. Here is how to enter:

– Create your profile by signing up at top right of the page.
– Add your tour history from the “Past Shows” section as well as any photos or videos that you may have taken at the show(s).
– Post a screenshot of your profile (like so) to Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram and include the hashtags #mindlessselfindulgence & #msisite as well as a line about your favorite moment from the show(s) in your post.
-If you have never been to a show you can participate by adding (quality & relevant) video/photo content from any past show to the corresponding page and then following the instructions above. YouTube videos and show flyers are a good place to start.


 photo ScreenShot2014-01-23at63648PM.png

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  1. McRobin

    Bad luck for me! I live in Mexico City u.u

  2. shoe_lace104

    Gahh I haven’t been to any shows yet! I have missed a few of them 🙁

  3. DrStrawberry

    Contests are for losers. Being a winner like I am, I’m going to win this.

  4. Hailbop

    Ahhh they have been my favorite band for eight years. Absolutely obsessed. Something always cockblocked me every time they came to MA, finally saw them last April and was easily the best night of my life. I’d die if I won this

  5. eunirocking

    aweeeesome contest! I have only been in one show but hey! I came from Venezuela hahaha so I guess I should win!

  6. ThatSaucyFello

    Shit, son! I want that comic, autographed or not. I’ve been too damn broke for too damn long to buy one when it came out.

  7. KickingBunnies

    Only seen these cool kids once and it was worth every single second. Stoked to see them in MA again!

  8. f-lero

    I’ve actually already got that poster, signed as well, so if I do win, I could maybe give this one to a friend or something. But damn, I want that comic! I’ve found a copy or two on ebay a couple times but they’re so expensive sigh. I want it so bad!

  9. ReneeMiran

    Going to try this for the fun of it. I’m more excited about the show than anything

  10. no

    shoulda fuckin seen you in the UK

  11. FuckMachine01

    damn I’ve been after that comic forever! hope i get it! XD

  12. MindlessWolfzy

    Kinda sucks because my first MSI concert is upcoming

  13. eunirocking

    I never win everything 🙁 ha! All that I own I have worked for it, I’m not complaining hahaha but I’d like to win something someday! Give me some credit guys, i have only been in one show but I came from Venezuela so that’s double the effort! 🙂 please dream of me and let me win hahaha xo

  14. U4iA

    Entered! Both posters are incredulous!

  15. anticlockclock

    Done deal – I uploaded my pix and videos I captured at the Spokane, WA shows! Good luck all!

  16. bandscatssex

    even if i don’t win this at least i still have a bottle of mustard signed by y’all

  17. imkevdberg

    waahh i really wanna win this thing!!
    I went to a show in Amsterdam 🙂 Stroopwafels where awesome!!

  18. SmellMyAmiga

    even though for some reason my twitter don’t work on my laptop properly I had to take a photo via my phone an do it that way -_- we want the comic more then anything! Good luck everyone else though =)

  19. UgneGasiunaite

    I need this so fucking bad just to win at something for once

  20. eunirocking

    So many people have signed up for this! Aaaaah my chance of winning is getting lost somewhere lol no no no!

  21. tacos

    I’m so angry I missed out on this!!! The winners were announced on my birthday as well!!! It would’ve been such a good present if I won!!!! 🙁

  22. DarrelltheJ

    Just noticed its over already. Just my luck.

  23. uRine4prez

    soooo are they going to announce the winners….orrrrr???

    • michaela

      thanks! haha i can live with that 😀

  24. Dusty Ranger

    ahh im so sad i didnt win T_T congrats tho you lucky chicka