Mar 26, 2014

Just a bit of clarification on the VIP experience. Here is what we offer: You get a private photo with the full band as well as a limited edition poster and laminate. This happens before the show so that you do not have to wait around after. We do still come out and sign after most shows but it is not a guaranteed thing and it may just be a member or two but not the full band as some of us have family and other obligations after the show. We designed this to appeal to fans who want to meet us privately, get some cool merch and leave that motherfucker before traffic gets hectic. You can buy our VIP add-on packages here and ONLY here: They are selling out in a lot of cities so just a heads up about that. The Official MSI VIP tickets can only be purchased at that link. Some venues may have “VIP seating”, etc but that is not related to MSI.




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  1. Monster Gimp

    Hey, I am FULLY aware of what I spent over 800.00 for ( bus tickets, VIP passes, and tix ) and am extremely grateful for this opportunity. Maybe it’s just me, but it helps to be able to read. The details were pretty detailed as to what to expect with the purchase.

  2. CaSaOxD

    Can you guys come to Brazil? pl0x =/