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    Bill H, hermdiggler

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    1. Bill H

      Show ended with Jimmy, Steve and Lynz leading the crowd outside and performing on top of a van. Lynz blew fire. Someone tried to grab Steve’s guitar and make a run for it. I had to chase them down screaming threats until they stopped and apologized. This was a really fun show.

    2. Cyrus

      The Thank God promo CD was handed out before this show outside. I lined up when the box office opened and got the ticket for this show that is marked as #1. I think I still have it at my Mom’s place. If I do, I’ll upload a pic. I remember seeing VYT in the crowd, and being impressed with Lyn Z, the new Bass player. We brought portable CD players to hear the new single while waiting on line for the show, and so we would know it when it was inevitably played. I believe, and correct me if I’m wrong, but this show included an early version of “Wack”.