• Opening for Orgy.

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    Bill H

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    1. Bill H

      One of my favorites. The Orgy crowd were very confused. I actually heard someone say “OK, what the fuck is going ON?” between songs. This was my first time hearing several songs from FGWSSS.

    2. FitHCKY

      My first MSI show ever. Good memories.

      • Bill H

        Nice, I didn’t realize that you went back that far. I remember that the lame MTV VJ Jesse Camp was at this show and people were excited by this. That was a long, long time ago….

        • FitHCKY

          I kinda remember that too. I mainly remember hearing the Jimmy setting himself on fire story before going mainly haha

    3. hermdiggler

      hah thank goodness for the video Bill otherwise i wouldn’t of remembered being there! this was my first msi show! w00t

    4. Cyrus

      If I’d known I would have been at this one, but I had just gotten into the band. It’s awesome the video of the whole show exists. Jimmy is still a master of the stage these days, but he just doesn’t have the wind he used to to stay spastic the whole time.