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    Bill H, ben

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    1. Bill H

      Got lost in the ghetto (which is apparently most of Irvington) on the way to the show. Asked a cop for directions and was told “this is a murder scene, get out of here!’. Got my orange Tub Ring shirt at this show.

      • dsl82

        depending on what time of day it could have been my father. he retired from the force there in 2005. that place is a hole. if i knew msi back then i probably would not have been allowed to go haha

    2. defenestr8

      if i remember correctly, my chemical romance didn’t play because their drummer was ill. tub ring played a longer set to fill the extra time, including a cover of the aqua teen hunger force theme that they had spent the whole day learning

      • ben

        ::plays coy::

        also last show of tour for tub ring… lynz cream pied all of tub ring during their last song.