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    1. @Mr_Wiggels

      This was my 1st @Msi show i had never heard of them, I was wateing for @Korn yet i had to watch 2 bands Stained and MSI I was blowen away that everyone around me new who they where yet i was clueless i felt i was missing out on something. That changed instantly as the pills of Dramamine flooded the stage and a man in a red tux and red Mohawk took to the stage and yelled wtf is this im already sick how will this help me then started right into his set. He had a patch on the back of his tux that stated Red is for fags. note the was all red lol i was flabbergasted. After there set Jimmy came down to the pit and shook my hand and sined shit till security cut him off it was the start of a new friendship in this little thing we all call MSI Mindless Self Indulgence