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    1. Bill H

      The sound was fucked up at this show and they kept playing the samples before the band were even on. The set itself was good but the venue sucked. I ended up staying overnight at Port Authority in the freezing cold drinking with a homeless guy named “Ed”. Ed told me lots of dark shit about his time in Vietnam. Interesting evening and one of the more unique MSI shows I have been to. If I recall they were opening for Uranium 235 and PT Grimm were on right before MSI.

    2. Cyrus

      This was a lot of fun. Uranium 235 were good as well, but half the crowd left before they came on. On top of that, a band called Intensify was on when we came in. Straight up KoRn knock off, as was the style at the time. I don’t remember PT Grim being on this show, but I won’t doubt it.

      Anyway, I remember that MSI was pissed because they couldn’t get their regular sound guy. L’Amours insisted on using their own sound guy, the Bass player in a band called Tripp who advertised constantly in L’amours. Classic Jimmy:

      Come on, say sound guy! sound guy!

      Crowd: “Sound guy! sound guy sound guy!”

      Jimmy: “Huh. That was easy. Try this one! New Shoes! New Shoes!”

      Crowd: “New Shoes! New Shoes! New Shoes!”

      Jimmy: OK, now try Nyquilthenighttimesnifflingsneezingcoughingachingstuffyheadfeversoyoucanrestmedicine!”

      Crowd: “Nyquill the bbbnndbhbsghhgf”

      Jimmy: “Pff. You guys suck!”