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    cady, 2Lilibee, Vythel

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    1. ReynoldsStyle

      My 2nd ever show. Went with two awesome friends making the trip from Toledo all the way down to Columbus. Also my 2nd attempt to take pics and video which was more successful than my first outing. Don’t remember much about the opening acts except liking one or two of ’em. MSI was even better than the first time around. I remember standing with my friends toward the front right side of the stage and then somehow quickly getting swept into the rest of the crowd toward the very front and then almost dying from being overheated and dancing and singing along with everyone. My favorite show so far.

      The aftermath with the band coming out doing autographs and taking pictures with the fans was so awesome. Meeting Steve was hilarious. My one friend spotted him and we went up to him while he’s checking what people were saying about the show on Twiiter and asked what’s up and he says “Shit. Checkin’ out stuff.” We asked if he could sign some stuff and if he’d wanna take some pics to which he was very happy to do so. I’ll never forget how he critiqued my picture I took of him and my friend. He goes, “Yo, let me see that.”
      Show him the picture.
      “Hmm, I look yellow in that picture. I like it.”
      Kitty was a sweetheart to chat with and take a pic with, Jimmy signed everything in slow-mo and was hilarious doing so, I only got to wave hello to Lyn-Z and got her to take a quick pic with my two friends.

      Nothing but great times from that show.