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    deucecourtesans, ladylane1989, LC-Orozco

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    1. Bill H

    2. deucecourtesans

      Show was GREAT. Crowd? Not so much. It was so much more fun than last year, though.

      • bigbigger

        I’ve noticed AZ crowds are lame compared to any other city, for any band. I think the locals are worn out from the heat. One of many reasons I want to move back to NY lol. They did a great show though!!

        My only complaint is Lyn didn’t crowdsurf 😉

        • deucecourtesans

          I feel you on that one. And ah, either they’re worn out or they’re pissed off from the heat. I’d say it was a mixture of both this time. They were a bit more aggressive than last year, for sure. I actually had to be pulled out by security since I’m 5’1 and I was suffocating from the body heat, and I think I blacked out during Never Wanted To Dance. These people behind me were trying to start a fight, and were purposely making a beeline into the people in front of them, crushing the piss out of everyone. It got intense.

    3. bigbigger

      ok i have the vodka tampon in my mouth now what