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    1. Cyrus

      I remember this show. This was the one where they were opening for the Lunachicks, right? I remember my mouth being so dry from screaming and moshing that I did not stay for the Lunachicks. Jimmy ran upstairs to the main floor in a big pink bunny outfit and jumped right in with everybody. The Continental was a fun, narrow venue for shows like this and I got a hell of a workout that night. I think I was in my winter coat the whole time.

      • fetusflusher

        no, cyrus. this show was the Sick & Twisted tour. they weren’t announced as being on the bill with Staind & Korn but i distinctly remember them playing because it was my first concert ever, in 8th grade. i remember MSI being on stage while people were filling the seats and the house lights were on. about 2 hours passed between the end of their set and the beginning of Stainds set. to this day, i still don’t know if they were even allowed to be there. for all i know, they just got on stage and started playing. they had cut out standee storm troopers and Jimmy kept attacking them with a lacrosse stick. I’m almost positive they had their cd playing thru the speakers instead of actually playing their instruments, because i remember hearing all of the few, quick, sample tracks from frankenstein girls cd. i also remember thinking how odd their sound was, purchasing frankenstein girls, and having Jimmy sign a piece of garbage paper i found on the ground in the parking lot. my friends & i asked him “wheres your hot bassist?” and he replied “i dunno, probably getting fucked somewhere.” what a wonderful way to talk about your sister! after he signed my piece of paper, he said “there. i peed on your paper.” i then noticed all he did was write “urine” on it. i still have that paper on a door at my parents house, and i uploaded a picture of me him and some slutty groupy. i remember my girlfriend at the time got very mad at me because this random slut kissed my cheek for the picture. bitches be crazy, even 8th graders in 1999.

        • fetusflusher

          i am 100% wrong. the show I’m referring to was on april 1st @ the meadowlands, but the site won’t let me delete my comment. sorry about that!

        • Cyrus

          I didn’t make it to Sick and Twisted. That was at the Continental Airlines Arena. This was “The Continental”, a dive bar/former punk club in downtown NYC. The deal with MSI on S+T was that they were an absolute last minute addition to the tour. Jonathan Davis reportedly heard MSI and demanded they just come on tour so people could see them.